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1. It's a Business
2. Niche Selection
3. Things to Think About
4. Website aka Storefront
    - Domain Name
    - Hosting
    - Connect Domain and Hosting
    - Setup Wordpress
       - Beautify Wordpress
       - Optimize Wordpress
       - Plugins I Use
5. Site Content
    - Go Social!
6. Mailing List (Aweber Setup)
    - Squeeze Page
       - One-Time-Offer (OTO)
    - Pop-Up Opt-In
6. Autoresponder Series
    - Get Content
    - Buyers List
7. Generate Traffic
    - SEO & Link Building
    - PPC
    - Guest Blogging
    - Banner Ads
    - Ad Swaps/Solo Ads
    - Article Marketing
    - Other
8. Product Development
    - Sales Page
       - Link with Digital Access Pass
       - Exit Pages/Down-Sell
    - Affiliate
9. Outsource
10. Test, Test, Test
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What is This?
Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): My guide for how to start an online business. It's free. It's detailed. It works.

Upfront disclaimer: I wrote this site how I talk; therefore, there may be typos, bad grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc errors. I have not gone back over and proofread it for these minor details. My main goal is to educate you on a successful online business blueprint that I have devloped.

Anyone can follow this method and become successful. It's not a 3 click...earn $32,564.23 in 5 days type of thing either. It takes work. It takes time. It takes commitment. It takes money.

This will work with any niche. And I'll try and illustrate everything coming from a few niches to give you an idea of how it all works.

I do recommend following...or at least links/blueprint in order.

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Online Business Blueprint

Some parts of this blog may be an overview and you may need to conduct some more research. For example; I could probably make a 100+ page site concerning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and tiered link building. This would be a waste of my time as I'm attempting to give you an overview of how to start an online business. Don't worry, I'll include helpful hints and links along the way, but don't be scared to use Google, contact me, or

One last thing. If anything on this site is useful to you, and you need to make a purchase...I'd greatly appreciate it if you purchase it through one of my affiliate links. Don't worry, you won't be charged any extra, and sometimes you'll even receive a discount! Thanks a lot.

I wish you the best,
- Nate

PS. Don't hesistate to share this guide!

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